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Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Download
Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Download

Mission Majnu is an Indian spy thriller film based on fictional events directed by Shantanu Bagchi and produced by Ronnie Screwwala, Amar Butala and Garima Mehta. Starring Siddharth Malhotra and Rashmika Mandanna in the lead roles, the film is a fictional story of India’s secret operations, which took place before and during the 1971 Indo-Pakistani War.

Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Download

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Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Cast:

Sidharth Malhotra
Rashmika Mandanna
Parmeet Sethi
Sharib Hashmi
Mir Sarwar
Kumud Mishra
Zakir Hussain

Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Release Date:

20 January , 2023

Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Story:

In Pakistan, it was the 1970s when the country examined a secret nuclear weapon. An Indian Undercover spy, Amandeep Singh has to reveal it, and when living a happy married life with a blind Pakistani woman, Nasrin and on the way, the stigma of being called the son of a traitor is to be overcome.

Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Trailer:

Mission Majnu Trailer

Mission Majnu Hindi Movie Review:

Shantanu Bagchi made a decent directorial debut in Mission Majnu, but he has a simple formula to work with. The presentation is good in my opinion. Viewers will immediately relate to the idea of tensions between India and Pakistan, but Mission Majnu depicts an interesting peace-time era between the two countries. It appears to be the ideal setting for a film focused on espionage, and it does so quite tastefully.

The film starts with a history lesson covering the period and spot of the film from the 1970s midle to the start of the nuclear programs of both India and Pakistan. It’s all done lightly and without too much of the politics or real-life tensions between the two countries, at the time engaged in a subcontinental ‘cold war’ of their own kind. This means that the politics of the era seem a little weird and overdramatic, and the dialogue is a little over-the-top, but it reminds you not to take this movie too seriously.

It quickly introduces Amandeep aka Tariq (Siddharth Malhotra) as a tailor working in a shop in Rawalpindi, known for tailoring Pakistani army uniforms. He marries a blind Nasreen (Rashmika Mandana), the niece of his employer, and uses her position and cover to gain access to military intelligence with the aim of uncovering the development of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons program. The actual process of intelligence gathering is somewhat clownish and comically convenient for Tariq, but again, don’t expect the movie to take itself too seriously.

In the first half of the film, Tariq’s own motivations and backstory are revealed, particularly as his father is considered a national traitor and he chooses to fight for his patriotism rather than run away from this reputation. Took the hard way. To prove his love for his nation. He is revealed as a star cadet in RAW and is trusted by the agency head, RN Kao (Parameet Shetty), though his direct handler Sharma (Zakir Hussain) doesn’t think much of him, even though he himself sits comfortably and safely. behind the desk A store in Delhi.

Most of the performances are expected, though Rashmika Mandanna struggles a bit to speak in Urdu and takes a long time to deliver even simple dialogues. Siddharth Malhotra, on the other hand, more influenced by his Punjabi upbringing, uses Punjabi-Urdu and occasional English and Indian Hindi more easily.

Other performances from the rest of the cast are not bad but not particularly memorable, from fellow Pakistani field agents such as Aslam (Sharib Hashmi) and Raman (Kumud Mishra), who serve as Amandeep’s companions. Both help provide a little comic relief. Sadly, the film regularly uses cheesy dialogue to sidestep the gritty setting and tension of the era. Tariq’s occasional ‘lightbulb’ moments add some hilarity to the plot as well as help tell the story of his above-average intelligence in the espionage industry.

The second half of the film is less about espionage, and more about all-out action as Tariq first focuses on completing the mission and then escaping Pakistan. It also investigates how Mission Majnu was never a mission for him and the link he formed with his ‘wife’ in Pakistan was sincered by his patriotic duty.

Overall, Mission Majnu is about finding the right balance between patriotic duty and personal ties. It’s a feel-good story that despite the cheesy dialogues, melodramatic politics and generic acting of a huge cast, has its heart in the right place and faithfully tells a story of true events that have been largely dismissed so far.

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